Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tzedoko Mekareves Es Hageulo

When he gives to charity this money [to which he applied all the strength of his vital soul], his entire vital soul ascends to G-d.

Hence the superiority of charity over other mitzvos.

In studying Torah, one is united with G-d's Will and Wisdom, and thereby with G-d Himself, as discussed....

Nevertheless, The Sages have said: "The essential thing is not study, but deed."

"This day, [i.e., during our life in this world, the all-important thing is] to do them" [the mitzvos]

For, this is the purpose for which he was created and for which [his soul] descended to this world, so that G-d may have an abode precisely in the lowest realms, to turn the darkness [of this world] into light [of holiness], so that G-d's glory fill specifically the entire physical world.

Thus, the goal of making this world an abode for G-d is achieved primarily through mitzvos of action.

Tzedoko hastens the Geula.

Tzedoko is superior to all other mitzvot, including Torah study.

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