Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gan Paz

I've been itching to go to Gan Paz for some time now. The tree is full of over-ripe oranges.
Today I took the liberty, thinking I was all better to go. Oh boy, I overdid it. It sent me right back to bed... :(

I'm gonna get better, I will, I will. I know I will. One day, very soon, I will be able to do as much as I want. I better get better. I could have written this in the "fluff" or "wannabe" (?) style - but didn't...... Heheheee. Anyhow.
And that my friends is the life of O'reilly. No idea who that is, just felt like saying that.


the sabra said...

gosh i wish we could remember what it was called. cuz gan paz does not exist. heehee.

(wait, maybe it IS called that. oof)

mishmum said...

BTW Orchard is Pardes.
Maybe we can ask Mendelle, perhaps he can remember...

the sabra said...

i know i should sit and think aval lo ba li.

the sabra said...

and ye, pardes sounds more like it. but pardes what? actually, maybe not. oyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.