Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'm concluding that we are on the subject of assuming...

Before going to Varda i called to confirm that the pool was available for me. Will not go if anyone else is there. No one answered, no one home, i have the key, i head over there. When i get to the gate i hear people's voices and children's frolickings. "Oh no", i think (i assumed) "So someone IS there. Shucks!" I start to turn around to go back home. Then i stop in my tracks and reconsider. Whip my key out, open the gate, march to the back to the pool and lo and behold !
guess what was?
Oh no don't guess, then you will be assuming...

The place was still and EMPTY.

The sounds were coming from the neighbours.
(Is that what you assumed?)

You want to hear more ass u me ing stories ?

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