Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Trying to make heads and tails...
My own Jargon, bilti muga..

There are 2 aspects to loving the Aibershter.

The Chitzoniyus -
The Pnimiyus.

The Chitzoniyus of the heart is the love that flares up from our own work in understanding and meditating and knowing the greatness of Hashem, ain sof.
This is a revealed love in one's heart.

The Pinimius of the heart is the innermost point of the heart - the depth of the heart.
This cannot be achieved on our own, it is given to the soul as a gift. And our task is to discover it within ourselves.
A Yid's love for the Aibershter may be so great that it touches his soul's essence which transcends logic and reason. (like when something is very n'goya us, it touches us so deeply, that we end up saying or doing things without logic and reason.)

The Pinimius of the heart, is a radiation of Chochma, which has there concealed the actual light of Hashem.
And this is the Ni'tzutz Elokus that is in every Jewish soul. The Shechina.
The reason that not every one is zoche to the service of a Pinimi, is that the Shechina is in Golus, it is in a state of Captivity.

There are 2 aspects to Bris Milah.

The Milah - Orlah gasa - thick foreskin. -----Coarse desires.
The Priya - Klipa daka - thin membrane. --- Subtle desires.

We need to circumcise the desires of the heart.
Just as in bris mila, same applies here,
a person needs to remove the coarse desires as well as the more subtler ones.

To remove the foreskin of our heart, a Yid can do himself with proper Teshuva, but the innermost point of our heart is still covered by klipah., for it is in captivity.
When Moshiach comes, Hashem will perform the ultimate circumcision our hearts...
( i believe though that we are able to experience the removal and have the Shechina out of captivity for a few moments, and that is DURING DAVENING.)

A way to achieve the removal of the spiritual foreskin to by giving TZEDAKA.


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