Tuesday, July 10, 2007

FREEWAY of life

nice morning -
five lanes wide open,
can i go as fast as i want?
80 feels comfortable,
feels freeee...
is that too fast?
what's the speed limit anyhow?
who knows?
doesnt say anywhere.
i have a "tiny" feeling 80 may be over the limit.
but that's it - not gonna go higher,
(i remember when i wouldnt even dare go that fast).
too bad if a car is tailgating....
i think 80 is pretty accommodating..
music blaring, coasting along,
feeling freeee...
uh oh, the Highway Patrol. (HP)

what is the speed limit ?
not knowing, is not gonna fly very well at "court".
everyone else is doing it,
cant be that bad,
that aint gonna fly very well either.
but i slow down,
i dont want to be cited,
besides the fact, im in a rush
aint got time to be stopped..

yes ! the HP turned off at the exit.
back to my 80.
but im still abit concerned,
there may be another one lurking around.
not uptight enough to slow down though,
there i am freewaying along,
hey now its crawling up to 84..

interesting, i think.
Hasgocho Protis. (HP)

im doing something
i didnt used to feel comfortable doing.
(80 was way too fast)
now im so fine with it,
and the only thing bothering me ,
is getting caught!
And now that the bar was raised, so to speak,
83, 84 doesnt seem to be a big deal either....

are my boundaries tzumished?
am i uninhibited?
am i too freeee...
something... ?

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