Wednesday, July 18, 2007

K'mayim Haponim L'ponim...

Under investigation...

Reflecting upon Hashem's infinite kindness to us, will result in a reaction of "K'mayim Haponim..." revealing within us what is naturally already there, awe and love of Hashem and yearning to cleave to Him....(todays Tanya).

Whereas, when we show our face in the water, there is no effort, it is an automatic reflection.
Hence my wondering, and forshening.
Aye likes Bee.
Aye would do anything for Bee.
Aye would love to spend time with Bee.
K'mayim Haponim... you would think, right?
The reflection is epes cloudy.
How come?

Still investigating what the Posuk
means? And if we do need to meditate then
its the responsibilty of Bee to WANT to
connect etc.
Its our obligation to think about and contemplate about the
Aibershter's love towards us.
I guess it stops there.
Bee is not obligated to do anything, right?
So what does the possuk mean?

Just thinking to myself.
Been thinking bout it for a while.

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