Thursday, July 5, 2007


so there i was trudging along in the desert, very thirsty and very lonely.
barely able to take another step, but im shlepping along...
finally from the distance i spot an oasis, with a spring or well to refresh myself.
my steps are a bit lighter now.
i slowly make my way there, and yes, beautiful greenery, and a well..
but im still a bit cautious, what if the owner doesnt let me in..
hey im desperate, so i charm my way in and wow what a relief.
the water is fresh and cool, its relaxing. its great!
boruch hashem i have found refuge there.
with every passing day, though, in the back of my mind
im thinking,
a) i need to move on
b) what if the kindness of
my host expires? kotonti mikol hachasodim... and
c) perhaps this is not right for me.
but the perks overweigh this and im living it up.
out of extreme gratefulness to my hosts, i offer to help them,
and do whatever they want me to -
i so appreciate wht they do for me.
there is a bounce in my walk now, im not lonely anymore,
overcoming obstacles are now a breeze, i am rejuvenated.
i am oh so happy.

then i guess i overstepped my boundary, i felt so close to my hosts
that i walked uninvited into their personal territory.
and boy did i get a beating.
my hosts show me the door.
they dont need me there,
they have other travellers to entertain.
im too hyper for them,
and besides im too old to drink their water, they say.

i look at the "exit" sign, but cant really see it,
my eyes are too blury.
so i stand there all melancholy,
wondering what now.
"go" they say, youre very nice and all but
"goodbye forever".

so there i am trudging along in the desert, getting thirsty and lonely.
i turn around, i look back.
i dream for that oasis,
i yen for that sanctum.

i know they dont want me,
i know they dont need me
but how i ache for that haven.

epilogue to follow...


mishmum said...

the rule of "altishalioti" applies here too. thankyou.

Avi said...
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the sabra said...

wow ma