Thursday, July 12, 2007

before and after....

after crying for the thing i dont have and will probably never have...

what do i have?
well i have the beach 1/2 an hour away,
and i bh have the ability to bike ride.
but that would mean someone to take care of mushka,
that would mean rushing back to take sheina off the bus,
that would mean driving....
and that would take much time.
too complicated.

what else do i have?
well i have the key to Varda's pool.
(thankyou Varda.)
never mind i havent gone swimin' in ...
dont even know how long.
yes, great idea,
need to air my head...
need to move my body.

Bh they are not home.
throw mushka in the stroller,
8 minute walk there,
saving time, saying tehillim on the way.
10 minute swim....
out of breath...
i guess "round" is really not a shape...
he he..
play with mushka,
two more laps.
dry up
walk home.
think bout what im gonna write.
(yes i know i said i was done..
so sue me... he he )
am home,
the whole outing - less than an hour.

that was very good.
my head is clear,
i can now think again...

i can now think
of the thing i dont have and will probably never have..
but am not crying.

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