Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dear Diary,

What's da use of the treasure, if i ain't usin' it?

I had a Gem, okay technically i still have it, but if i ain't usin' it ; it almost feels like i don't have it.
The Treasure is safely in my back pocket. You know, Diary, it's a good feeling to have something precious in your back pocket, kind of like in an emergency, but then its so hard to determine when is it really an emergency or not. If there are tears, is that an emergency? How about if i know, and say to myself, "This too will pass". Then i guess its never a major emergency, bh for that. But how about minor issues... like stam... can i use my Gem then? Ah, you don't know what to tell me.

When does the period go in the quotations? And when does the period go inside the parenthesis?
Ah, its so freeing and so cool to write without all those silly dots...., especially when it's just you and me here.

Anyhow back to the issue at hand.
My Treasure.

Will the value of It be depreciated if i do use it too much?
Will It's value diminish if not used?
Which do i want?
(Ringing in my ears, oysh. "Replace that Jewel....")

Am i confused? crazy? lonely? immature ?
Don't answer.

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