Monday, July 9, 2007

leben mit der tzait #2 - Perek alef.

Shimon hatzadik said:
"all shlosha devorim ho'olom oimed,
al hatora, al ha-avoda v'al gemilus chassodim"

that is what the world stands on.

what do i stand on?
i have a feeling i dont have what to stand on...
much to say but ich halt zich ain...

as Shimon, ben gamliel, says later on in the perek,
"....v'loi motzosi l'guf, tov mishtika..."

so i guess i'll go eat ice cream.
with pickles. maybe.

("I once heard someone be medayeik that the good that comes from silence is not just avoidance of issur, but is a physical good to the body - lo matzasi tov *laguf*....")
b'shem omroy : chaim b. on a comment...

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