Monday, July 30, 2007

Dear Diary, page 2.

I'm debating whether to tell you this, because basically i was a fool. Maybe still am. I guess once a fool always a fool. Unless you take the lesson, G-d throws you, seriously.
Anyhow not to get distracted, you know Dear Diary, i have a tendency to do that, go off onto something totally random...
B'kitzur, or as they say to make a short story long....

I was at the shore, and a Fish jumped in my lap. Really, it's true, i know you don't believe me. Okay, so i did put some bait out. Anyhow, cute cute Fish, with a cute cute nose. Do fish have a nose? It was my "treasure". We talked, we played, we swam etc... Then i put the Fish in my back pocket for safe keeping, but it kept squirming in there. Oy to me that i wasn't sensitive enough to my poor Fish. I'm like, "Why are you being so jumpy in there?" Not getting the HINT that i need to throw it back into the ocean... and let it live.

Oy to me.

Do you see Dear Diary, why i was a fool ?

And why am i still a fool?
Dear Diary that would be way too foolish of me to tell you. ;)
(Al Tishali Oti, 3 words...)


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