Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tidbits of Today's Shiur...

The Gift.
The gift of attending Rabbi Shusterman's Chassidus Shiur.

The Maamor they were in the middle of was,
"Mayim Rabim lo Yuchlu l'chvos es ha'ahava.... "
How charming.

Three interpretations of "ECHOD".
1) Only ONE. No other G-ds, no idols.
2)No one BUT Him, d'haynu, He don't have any partners. Shituf.
Only the Yidden arenot permitted to believe in Shituf.
An example of Shituf would be,
if we believed that our Parnossa comes from our hard work or our ingeniosity.
We cannot give credence to Parnossa itself, it's all Hashem.
Parnossa should not and cannot interfere with our learning or doing what Hashem wants.
Parnossa is like the axe that you chop with, just the vehicle.
Therefore you do not praise the axe for doing the job.
If you do, that is Shituf.

3) ONE. Noone LIKE Him. Ain Kayotzei boi.
Hashem is "Finite AND Infinite"
His Finite is Infinite and
His Infinite is Finite.
Not a concept we can comprehend.
(But IS nevertheless.)

The punchline here : (my own)
When we do a Mitzvah, WE REVEAL THAT LEVEL OF HASHEM !!
(the level that shows that ECHOD.)

This is interesting:
Because Hashem is Finite and Infinite,
He can make a square circle.
He can reveal time and place ABOVE time and place.
An example we have for this is in the Kodesh Hakodoshim,
The ARON -
10 amos measured from one end of Aron to the wall.
10 amos from the other end of the Aron to the wall.

The Aron was 21/2 amos in length.
If you measured from one end of the Kodesh Hakodoshim to the other
it was 20 amos !!
The Aron didnt take up any physical space!

Now how is that for OUR G-D?


the sabra said...

if ur managin to go to his shiur, i dont needa come home...

Anonymous said...

Wrong, Wrong..
You do need to come home.
I am desperate.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

ur desperate??
oy and all this time i thought u were ma!

mishmum said...

I used to be "Ma", now i became "desperato" or "desperate" for you english speakers...